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As an experienced misdemeanor lawyer in DeKalb County, IN, Timothy Longacre knows how to support you. He understands that you don’t need this one charge to throw your life off course. No matter your situation, he will do what he can to help you move forward. Attorney Longacre can also help with a wide range of charges. A misdemeanor can include charges like assault, OWI, or petty theft, so make sure to reach out to a skilled misdemeanor lawyer near me. He will help you build a solid defense no matter what you are up against. You can also trust Attorney Longacre’s reasonable misdemeanor lawyer cost estimates. If you have a budget, simply let his office know and he will do what he can to provide you great services. And if you ever face any other charges in the future, you can continue relying on your misdemeanor defense attorney. So whatever your charges are, feel free to contact his law firm.

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Misdemeanor Lawyer
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There is a wide range of charges that are classified as a misdemeanor. As your misdemeanor lawyer near me, Attorney Longacre is able to handle many of these. So there is no reason for you to doubt whether he can help you. If you still have any concerns don’t hesitate to ask him yourself. If you are charged with a misdemeanor he does cover, you can then move forward with your case. It will also help Attorney Longacre if you can provide any information you have about the case. Every piece of evidence you have can be crucial in securing a good outcome in the case. Even without this evidence, your account of what happened is a big help.

As your misdemeanor lawyer near me, Timothy Longacre is able to cover charges from petty citations to assault. Letting your misdemeanor lawyer in DeKalb County, IN know what you’re accused of will make everything easier. That way he can get right to work. It’s also less stressful on you if he doesn’t have to run into anything unexpected.

Misdemeanor Lawyer Cost

With more minor charges there isn’t typically a high misdemeanor lawyer cost. We can handle these simple charges quickly and then let you get on with your life. And with more serious charges it’s much better to make sure they’re dropped. More serious charges like assault can end up causing you trouble later. So Attorney Longacre’s cost is easier to deal with than any repercussions that could come from this case.

And our office can still work with you to get a reasonable misdemeanor lawyer cost. Speak with your misdemeanor lawyer about your budget and he will do what he can so you can still afford his services. Attorney Longacre doesn’t want you to have to pay a fine simply because his costs seem too high. It is much cheaper for you to work with him in the long run because of these fines.

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Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

You can feel comforted by the years of experience of your misdemeanor defense attorney. Attorney Longacre has seen many of these charges before in northeast Indiana and knows just what to do to have them dropped or lessened. If this is your first time facing something like this you should feel more secure about working with him. You can ask any questions if you are unsure about this process. He can tell you more about these laws to help you avoid any of this trouble in the future. So don’t hesitate to put your trust is the top misdemeanor defense attorney around. Call his office to set up an appointment today.

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Attorney at Law Timothy W. Longacre is proud to have experience practicing law since May of 1992. He completed his undergraduate program at the University of Findlay in Ohio, after attending Cedarville University for 2 years. Attorney Longacre received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in Illinois. And he attended Law School at the University of Toledo in Ohio.