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With his years of experience, criminal defense lawyer Timothy Longacre is someone you want to have on your side. He is able to represent you for many charges in Noble County, IN. As your felony defense lawyer, he understands that penalties for several convictions can get harsh. Because of this, he will do everything he can to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether. As a misdemeanor attorney, he works hard because he believes that everyone has the right to fair representation. He will make sure that you aren’t being tried too harshly. Additionally, he can help if you need a family law attorney near me. If you are unsure about what Attorney Longacre can do for you, don’t hesitate to call and ask. Or check his website for more immediate information. Either way, you will discover the wide variety of cases a local DUI attorney is able to cover in northeast Indiana. Once you have a better understanding of what he can do for you, feel free start working with him.

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Felony Defense Lawyer

There’s no need for any concern about working with a felony defense lawyer like Timothy Longacre. He knows that he will represent major charges as well as minor ones. And if you can come to a criminal defense lawyer like him with evidence of your own, that’s a big help. Not having to search for these kinds of details will save him a good bit of time. It can also save you some money if the whole trial can go by faster with this information. Even if you don’t have any concrete evidence, anything you know about the allegations will make it easier on your criminal defense lawyer in Noble County, IN.

In general, it makes for a much smoother process if you help a felony defense lawyer like Attorney Longacre understand what he has to work with. Typically, it isn’t too difficult for you or your criminal defense lawyer to figure out how to address the kind of charges that are leveled against you.

Misdemeanor Attorney

As your misdemeanor attorney, Timothy Longacre is able to handle smaller crimes as well. If you are dealing with something like a speeding ticket, criminal defense lawyer Longacre can still help you out. A misdemeanor could involve more serious charges as well. This could include even something like domestic battery or manslaughter. You can still feel secure with Attorney Longacre representing you.

You can also feel comforted by the years of cases he has already worked with in northeast Indiana. Feel free to ask him for testimonials to get a feel for how he works. Hearing from previous clients will make it easier to know what to expect from your own case. Seeing the results your misdemeanor attorney got for these other clients is also a big help. They can remind you that you don’t have to worry when you’re working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

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Local DUI Attorney

Not every DUI is treated the same way. A big difference a local DUI attorney like Timothy Longacre can explain is whether there was an accident or not. The charges are typically more severe if there was another car involved. Any criminal defense lawyer can tell you there are fewer charges when other vehicles aren’t involved. As a result, your criminal defense lawyer won’t have any trouble looking through any reports or evidence. Even before getting started on the case itself, a local DUI attorney can help you make the best choices. Attorney Longacre can’t tell you what to do going forward, but he can offer his advice. Call his office to start the process and schedule an appointment.

Family Law Attorney
Near Me

There are many different reasons you may need to find a family law attorney near me. You may need help making sure divorce proceedings are fair. Or, you may want to defend your rights to your child in a child custody case. When you need to find a qualified family law attorney near me, contact Timothy Longacre. He can handle any aspect of family law and help make sure that your case is successful. Because of his relative experience, he can ensure you aren’t taking advantage of in the case.

No matter whether you need a criminal defense attorney or a family law attorney, Timothy Longacre is available to help. So, work with the lawyer who will fight for your rights. Call today to receive for information.

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Attorney at Law Timothy W. Longacre is proud to have experience practicing law since May of 1992. He completed his undergraduate program at the University of Findlay in Ohio, after attending Cedarville University for 2 years. Attorney Longacre received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in Illinois. And he attended Law School at the University of Toledo in Ohio.